Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Corbin's Speech

As part of the Grade 4 curriculum, students are expected to give a speech about a topic they are familiar with - the whole 'public speaking' thing that I remember I had to do to.

It took Tina and Corbin several weeks to nail down the topic: his guinea pig. After that, Tina was concerned that Corbin would have problems with the speech. It got to the point where Tina was more worried about the speech then Corbin was. I told Tina to take a step back and let Corbin work out the speech. If he fails at school, so be it. Tina saw the logic in that statement and let Corbin take the lead (with some prompting, of course).

Tina decided to use cue cards with short phrases and images related to guinea. Corbin's teacher said the key thing was not to read the cards, but to speak to the class.

Well, according to Corbin's EA, he did an awesome job with his speech. There were no problems. Corbin's take on his speech was, as usual, entirely different and low key. I saw the cue cards on the table and asked Corbin some questions. He had essentially memorized the entire speech - his memorization skills are top notch.

Congrats Corbin on a job well done (and thank you to Tina for taking the time to assist Corbin).

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