Monday, 7 January 2008

41 Year Old Toilet and More

After about three or four changes to our appointment time, the plumber (actually a plumber and a co-op student from St. Clair College) from Plumbing Now came and went. In about 2 or so hours, they replaced the toilet (and flange and shut-off valve), the shower tap and cartridge, shut-off valves and hoses to the washer, removed and capped a cold water tap and repaired a very slow leak in the copper pipe.

Our 41 year old toilet was replaced with a Kohler Cimmaron (elongated bowl with a soft close seat). The bowl looks wonderful and operates efficiently - and no longer wobbles when you sit on it. It only uses 1.6 gallons per flush, so our water bill should be reduced.

The shower tap no longer leaks when you have a shower which should improve water pressure at the shower head and should also reduce our water bill.

The old hot and cold water shut-off valves for the washer were replaced with quarter-turn valves. The old valves wouldn't close. The rubber hoses - no idea how old they were - were replaced with braided hoses.

The leak in the copper tubing was fixed - the plumber removed some plumbing and replaced it with new copper. And the water tap that Jeremy recently discovered is gone - so no more water streams on the floor.

According to Tina, the plumbers were courteous and efficient. All the work is guaranteed. Given that most of the plumbing in the house is original, we signed up for a premium service that gives priority when calling a plumber for a monthly fee. During the first 30 months the monthly fee is applies against any work we have done. With our varying work schedules, it's a small price to pay for some piece of mind - especially for Tina.

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