Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Medical Musings

Before we left to go to Goderich and Brantford, Tina took Jeremy to see our family doctor per the direction of hospital staff.

Not much to our surprise, our family doctor told Tina that he does not deal with fractures and that Jeremy should be seen by staff at the fracture clinic.

Tina called the hospital and spoke with the Charge Nurse for ER. The nurse did some investigation and said that, yes, Jeremy should go to the fracture clinic as soon as possible. She arranged a date and time for Jeremy to be seen one of the doctors - 8:45 am on Wednesday, January 2.

Upon arriving at the fracture clinic, Tina was told that her appointment was 6:00 am. Uh, no, that was not what she was told. Some back and forth and Tina was asked to wait for the doctor.

Jeremy's name was called and the old cast/splint removed. With no visible swelling, the doctor said everything looked fine and gave Tina a script for removable plastic cast (courtesy of Green Shield) for Jeremy and set up an appointment for Jeremy to return at the end of January to take a follow-up x-ray.

We weren't too happy that Jeremy should have gone the fracture clinic some time after receiving his cast. Seems the ER doctor was a little too pre-occupied with other things. Should be standard practise to send patients to the fracture clinic for follow-up. I understand the urgent nature of hospitals, but I always get the feeling that they are not that efficiently run.

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