Sunday, 20 January 2008

The End of an Era...Almost

Today, Tina removed the VCR from the office and a bunch of kids video tapes for Bev & Gerry to take home with them.

Bev mentioned before how their old VCR died. We didn't use the VCR in the office all that much - the boys mostly watched DVDs - so we decided to give them the VCR. Tina also packed in a bunch of toys for the boys so that when we go up to Goderich, the boys can play with something other than dolls and 'girl' toys.

We still have one VCR downstairs, but I think that VCR will be on it's way out before the end of the summer. I haven't used for god knows how long. I see that space being replaced by a HD digital cable tuner with a PVR or maybe a PS3. Who knows?

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