Saturday, 5 January 2008

Call The Plumber

Okay, I finally did it. I called a plumber. We have had a 'situation' with our one and only toilet for some months now and I was going to eventually call a plumber to rectify it (can you tell I've been procrastinating?).

Anyways, a small leak had developed that necessitated turning the shut-off valve. This had to be corrected as soon as possible. So I finally arranged for a plumber to come and replace the toilet - powder blue is not in anymore, right?

It was a tough call for me to make. My dad was a fixer - though I do recall that he did call people once in a while to repair things - so I felt some burden to fix the situation. Now, I'm no plumber and given some training, I'm sure I could fix basic plumbing issues. But the situation with the toilet is little more complicated.

The bolts holding the toilet have partially corroded. Now the solution could be as simple as replacing the bolts or could be as complex as replacing the flange. I could easily get in over my head. What an ugly place that could be?

A further complication is that we only have one bathroom (a situation I hope to rectify this year by adding a second bathroom with a shower in the basement). If the one and only bathroom is out of order for an extended period of time, it could be a problem, especially when your 9-year old is yelling "poo emergency".

So I did it. I called a plumber. I added a few other things that need to be repaired and replaced. Yes, it may have been cheaper for me to do some of the work, but it's not worth the therapy I would need if things didn't go right. It's time to stop worrying or getting angry and time to start calling the professionals (someone has to help the local economy).

I look at this as my first step at finally getting this house up to 2008 standards. The new windows and new fence a few years back were a good step, but then I stopped. It's as if that was a good enough. Well, it's not.

The interior doors, trim and floors are worn and need to be replaced. The laundry room needs a complete upgrade. The electrical systems needs an upgrade (the receptacles in our basement are on one circuit - so forget about ironing, watching TV and running the washer at the same time). That second bathroom would be a god send in a house with four people (three of them males). A new floor would be nice to get read of the squeaking. The list goes on - and if you have renovated your home you know what I am talking about.

By the end of 2009 or 2010, the entire house will hopefully have been redone top to bottom, inside to outside. Let the fun times begin.

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