Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Trip To The Toledo Zoo

It was a good day to go to the zoo, sunny but not humid, with the occasional cloud provide a cool down period. We left around 8:45 AM. Took about 30 minutes to get through US Customs. The trip down I-75 to Toledo was uneventful and quick.

The zoo was bustling as we arrived around 10:30. I parked in the lot closest to the main entrance. The Toledo Zoo is in the middle of an expansion/rejuvenation project. The two major projects are a parking lot expansion and the construction of an indoor children's zoo. The parking lot expansion is nearing completion, while the indoor zoo is just underway.

The indoor children's zoo will be a year-round facility, unlike the current children's zoo that is open during summer months. It will be another reason to visit the zoo in the fall and winter. Good job.

It wasn't too busy or crowded. We checked out the penguins, tigers, hippos and sloth bears. Corbin seemed interested in the animals this time. The highlight of the day was watching the elephants get a wash and then watching them walk from the building to their outdoor area. Corbin and Jeremy were literally feet away from the elephants - separated by a metal gate. Both boys were very excited.

Time for lunch.Jeremy started crying hard because of the lettuce on his cheeseburger (it was easily removed). Corbin ate a double cheeseburger with fries. I had onion rings while Corbin and I shared a pop. Jeremy had a juice. Next we checked out the Amphibians and Reptile exhibit before seeing the monkeys, orangutans and gorillas.

We crossed the bridge and headed over to see what the seals and polar bears were doing. I took the boys on the train across the African Savannah. Jeremy was excited to see giraffes and zebras, while Corbin pretended he was in Africa.

A quick snack and a trip to the washroom before heading home. We spent about five hours at the zoo. No problems and everyone had a very good time.

Posted by Adam