Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Sorry I Didn't Reach For You Two Days

During supper, Corbin called today and his first words were "Sorry I didn't reach you for two days". You see, we had told Corbin to call us at least once near the beginning of camp. Of course, he took this to mean that he should have called Sunday night. Oh well, at least he called.

He told us about some of the activities he had done so far - basically he has done everything. Boating. Swimming. Fishing. Ropes Course. Bike Riding. Hockey. Sports. And on and 0n and on. He sounded in very good spirits. We all said "Hi' to Corbin, even Jeremy seemed interested in talking (albeit with a mouth full of food).

Later that day, Denise, the Camp Director, called and said everything is going fine and she is most impressed with Corbin so far. Apparently, our oldest boy plays with the older boys, get involved in group activities and has become a star athlete. You are talking about Corbin, right Denise? It was good to hear positive things about Corbin and that he is having a wonderful and positive experience.

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