Sunday, 13 July 2008

Phone Call #2 From Corbin

Early in the evening, we got our second call from Corbin. The purpose of this call was to ask us to send him some mail. Seems that the other boys are getting mail at supper and Corbin was feeling left out.

So Tina said that we can absolutely send some mail. I sent Corbin an email that he should get during Monday's mail call and Tina prepared a card to be mailed out Monday and will hopefully be received on Thursday or Friday. I may send him another email Wednesday. Tina and I have made a mental note to send email and mail next year.

Corbin seems to be having a great time and talked about playing Star Wars with his friends. We also learnt that he changed bunks so another Cabin mate could have the top bunk. Wow, who is this kid?

Most of Corbin's answers were short as in "Yes" and quiet. At one point I told to be more excited and yell out the answer. He had tell the staff that "my dad told me to do that" and they all laughed.

We told him that Jeremy misses him and that Guinea is fine.

Posted by Adam