Thursday, 17 July 2008

Phase One Cleaning Done

I managed to finish cleaning up the office/Jeremy's room. I put up a magnet board above Jeremy's board, cleaned out the drawers in the desk and cleared out much of the closet (though a few things were put temporarily in there).

Tina put some finishing touches in Corbin's room and completed the major task of cleaning and organizing the rec room. Dusted and vacuumed, the room looks clean and spacious. We managed to put out another four bags of garbage plus Tina took some stuff to Value Village. We have tossed out a lot of stuff - and there is more to toss out in the coming weeks as we attack the Everything Room, Crawl Space, Laundry Room, Kitchen and Garage.

I need to touch up the basement walls with paint and paint those walls that are still dark panelling. I also need to paint the wall by the front entrance where the bookcase was and relocate some hooks from the front closet.

Outside needs some major attention. The weeds have to be pulled, again, and the flowers deadheaded and trimmed. I need to work on relocating the sand box to the former vegetable garden and get some quotes for some concrete work, new aluminum gate and wooden fence repairs. I think I may squeeze in a quote for new windows in the basement - the paint is peeling off and I don't feel like scraping and painting them.

I've decided that next year in the garage, I am going to rip down the 'vapour barrier' and insulation and get some foam spray insulation instead. This will require me to tear down the workbench that is there, but it's a crappy bench to begin with and is too large. Some rewiring and new lighting will make the garage more usable. I've already taken down several shelves over the past two years.

And while we are finally relaxing, the cleaning fun never really ends.

Posted by Adam