Saturday, 5 July 2008

Camp Winston Via Goderich, Day 2

The waiting game was on. For Corbin, that meant dealing with the double whammy of waiting to get to Camp Winston and waiting to play with his cousins.

Tina and Corbin headed over to Tims to get some coffee and breakfast for Tina and I. On the way back, she dropped Corbin at Chris and Lisa´s. After eating and showering, we headed over there to check out life on East Street. The kids were playing okay, but Corbin was having some issues.

Lisa bribed Corbin with two dollars to empty and load her dishwasher. He did it with some help from Tina. It seemed to turn him around for the afternoon.

We headed over to Wal-Mart to pickup a few last minute items for camp, some sunglasses for me and some groceries for Bev.

The rest of the evening was okay. Corbin had a meltdown, but a bath calmed him down and eased some of his anxiety. At one point I gave Corbin´s Nintendo DS to Jeremy as punishment for him hitting Jeremy. Corbin was none to pleased. On the other hand, Jeremy cherished the moment.

Tina and Bev did some scrapbooking. I updated our blog. Gerry watched TV. Corbin played with his Nintendo and watched Superman on the other TV.

It´s off to bed to get some rest before a day full of travel.

Posted by Adam