Saturday, 12 July 2008

Babcia Camp, Here We Come

It was that time of year where Jeremy heads off to Babcia Camp. He has been talking about all week. I think he is excited.

Instead of driving, I decided to take the train to make Babcia Camp 2008 a memorable experience. Jeremy could not stop talking about going on a 'big train'.

Tina dropped us of at the station and we said our good byes. We didn't have to wait long to board, but it did start to rain. Fortunately, we got on the train before the downpour. A few minutes later we were moving.

Jeremy handed our tickets to the VIA staff member who handed back the other half. Jeremy held on to the stubs for at least 20 minutes.

The first hour of the trip was full of question after question. What is this button? What is this thing for? What are these? What is that bag for? What was that sound? On and on. Jeremy had a drink and a fruit snack before heading off to the washroom. He was unsure at first but got the hang of it. He liked pressing the button that opened the flap and gushed in new water.

The second hour we spent playing toys. I let him play LEGO Indiana Jones on my Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, Jeremy saved over my game. Lesson learnt. Another trip to the washroom.

The final hour was a little more touchy. He was getting fidgety. But I pulled out he fishy crackers and all was well again. We got our stuff ready and walked to the front of the car. The motion of the car did not sit well with Jeremy because he was very quiet when Babcia gave him a big hug.

When asked if he liked the train ride, Jeremy responded with a reserved "yes".

Posted by Adam