Saturday, 26 April 2008

That's A Lot of Parts

After cooking up a breakfast for Tina, Bev and myself (scrambled eggs with cut up bacon and home fries - with Tina's assistance), it was time for Tina, Bev and Corbin to head to Goderich. Bev was going back home.

That left me with an empty house. That meant it was time to assemble the Mail Center Armoire I had purchased a week or so ago.

The box was heavy. There was lots of styrofoam to protect the various pieces of wood. I pulled each part out and checked it against the list - a very long list. All the parts were there. So began the long process of assembly. I wasn't in a hurry so I took my time.

Assembling the unit was similar to assembling IKEA furniture accept that they wanted you to glue the wood dowels. I thought about that and said to myself "well that makes sense - it makes the unit stronger". Did I mention there were over 40 wood dowels. So I inserted the dowels, screws, bolts and whatever else into the various components. I took a break. I assembled some more. Another break.

After an hour or so, I had the various shelves into one of the sideboards. Attaching the opposite sideboard was tricky but I managed to line up everything. I made one mistake inserting a dowel into a hole it did not belong in.

With the unit upright - it is heavy - I attached the hardware and doors. That was an easy task to do with all the pre-drilled pilot holes. The final task was attaching the back boards. This particular product used screws instead of nails to hold the back board. While a tedious job - 40 screws - it does make for a better quality product, especially since the back board was broken up into several pieces, minimizing the possibility of warping. There were holes for wires and such.

I moved the unit into it's resting place and admired it. It sits well with our furniture and matches the fish tank stand we have. I took break, but was on a roll. It was time to demo the shelf by the front door.

A few bangs and a pull here and there and the shelf was detached from the wall. It is amazing how much larger the front area feels. Of course now I have to patch up the floor and paint the wall, but that is a project for next weekend.

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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Me And The Boys

With Tina at a conference in Toronto, it was a boys weekend. Tina left Friday afternoon, leaving me with Jeremy. So we played some Playstation and played a board game before picking up Corbin at school.

Jeremy and I arrived at the school 10 minutes early per an arrangement we have with the school. But, lo and behold, Corbin wasn't ready. The school had better get it's act together, or I'll make a mental note to pick him up at 3:50 pm. Don't be messing with me.

I wanted to get some things done outside, so I made the boys go outside and play, while I tried to get things done in the garage (like sweeping out all the leaves, dust and dirt that accumulated over the winter). I did manage to get that all done and re-organize items, but it was a struggle with two boys constantly interrupting me.

Inside the house for supper. And then time for Playstation and TV. The boys fell asleep quickly.

Saturday was more or less the same deal. Breakfast, do some chores inside and outside and stop by Home Depot. I decided to get a late lunch from A&W. I went drive-through and set up the boys with the DVD player in the van. So they ate and watched Stuart Little 2. Then we took a ride around town before returning home for more Playstation time.

On Sunday we headed over to the Maple Leaf for breakfast. Jeremy ate his pancakes in record time. Corbin struggled with breakfast - he usually loves breakfast at the Maple Leaf - but I did get him to eat at least one egg.

Did some cleaning up and then played with the boys. Waited for the arrival of Tina.

It was a great weekend with the boys.

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Friday, 18 April 2008

New Furniture

Last week, Tina and I did some browsing and shopping sans children. While at Staples, Tina found an armoire for the office. It had a fold down door that transforms into a desk, shelves and mail slots. It was what we were looking for to replace the crappy shelf at the front door - it is our intention to remove that shelf and free up room by the front door.

The unit was on sale, but we didn't buy just then. I looked around online and didn't find anything quite like it. So I stopped by Staples on my lunch yesterday and ordered the unit. Apparently, I purchased the last unit in the city.

It was delivered, for free, during the morning. I just have to assemble the unit. Should be fun.

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Sunday, 13 April 2008


Spring? Check. April? Check. The middle of April? Check. Snow in the middle of April? What the?

It started snowing this morning. Fortunately, it had rained all night so the ground was wet which meant the snow was not sticking. But still, snow?

But early in the afternoon, the snow had stopped and the sun popped out. It was weird. Any hard surface dried up, making it appear as if had never rained or snowed. Very weird.

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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hello Gerry

Gerry came down Saturday morning (and by morning we mean he was at our door before 9:00 am) to take Bev back to Goderich.

Tina had asked him to repair the door to our crawl space. Gerry did so, but not before he and I had a lively discussion about it should be done. I conceded to his way of thinking because it was Tina, not me, that asked him to do the work. I assisted as best as I could.

Later Gerry and I went out to do some shopping - get some things to finish off the door (a latch and some tapcon concrete screws) - and so that Gerry could buy some safety shoes at the local ISECO store. Gerry did find and buy his shoes, but he learned that that line of shoes is discontinued. He is devising a plan that involves him calling all the ISECO stores and having them sell their stock to him at half price. The plan is in it's early stages.

We headed out to Canadian Tire before crossing the street to the new Home Depot. Gerry spent a few minutes in the tool section and was impressed by the appliance section.

Later in the afternoon, Tina prepared a top notch meal and we all vegged around the house.

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Must See TV

Finally, the Thursday night comedies on NBC were back. Earl, 30 Rock, The Office and Scrubs were back and I was bursting at the seams.

Earl and 30 Rock were okay. I do like Alec Baldwin's character - he is the perfect actor for that character.

The Office was funny and uncomfortable at the same time. A dinner party and Jan and Michael's? I loved Michael's bed and plasma TV. I love Dwight's line about his 'date' - "purely carnal" - was over the top and pure Dwight.

I loved the beginning of Scrubs, especially the part when JD and Turk have the interns line up in a real life Space Invaders game. Too much - I was busting my gut from that one.

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Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Sound Of Silence

Tina took the boys and her mom up to Goderich so that Bev could spend some time with Gerry before coming back to Goderich. That meant I had the house to myself. That meant I could sleep in without being woken up by a 4-year old wanting to be fed.

I slept in until 8:30 am. I know it doesn't sound like sleeping in, but trust me, that is at least 90 more minutes of sleep I get on your typical day.

I took my time getting to breakfast. I cut up some bacon and fried the pieces up. Next was 5 or 6 farm fresh eggs, scrambled. I put the bacon in and voila, scrambled eggs with bacon. It was heaven.

The rest of the weekend I did some chores. I cut all the dead perennials and cleaned up the leaves from the flowerbeds. I vacuumed the upstairs. I cleaned the bathroom. I watched TV. I browsed the internet.

Most importantly, the house was quiet and peaceful. Good times.

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Friday, 4 April 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Season 4 Episode 1

Tina and I watched the first episode of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. We made sure that Jeremy was in bed and that Corbin was doing something that would keep him occupied for the hour.

Looks like this fourth and final season is going to be a fun ride. Hey, look, those four are Cylons. I wonder how they feel? Well, Tigh does not seem to happy about it and the dream sequence where he blows away Commander Adama, kind set the tone for the inner battles the four new cylons will have to struggle with every day.

Starbuck is back and almost no one trusts here - save for Lee and Anders. Of course Anders will show some interest in here, he is a fracking Cylon. Wait, it seems the four Cylons are all paired with people that have some influence and power. Are they to destroy . . . or to protect?

And what about that hybrid back on the Cylon base ship in a previous episode that said this happened before and it will happen again? What was meant by that? Didn't they also say something about not following the person who says they know the way to earth? What is the damn connection between the Cylons and Humans?

I want answers. I look forward to getting them all season long - even if it takes a year or more.

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