Friday, 13 July 2007

Toldeo Zoo

Not wanting to do anything around the house, we decided to head to the Toledo Zoo. The weather was sunny but pleasant - perfect weather. It took a while to get through US Customs - 20 minutes or so - but no problems - as usual (it pays to have cute kids).

We decided to have breakfast at Denny's in Monroe. Much to our surprise, both boys ate their entire breakfast - guess they were hungry. We arrived at the zoo around 11:00 am. First stop was to wait in line to see the polar bear cubs. The wait wasn't too long - maybe 15 minutes - but the cubs were cute.

Before leaving, we decided to not bring the stroller, but that was a big mistake. Jeremy is not used to walking, so Tina rented a stroller. We wandered around the zoo. Jeremy seemed very interested in the animals today - he loved the primate exhibit - the monkeys and gorillas really caught his attention. I had to slightly push Jeremy to the front of the exhibits to get a better view. Corbin, on the other hand, was totally uninterested.

They had a special butterfly exhibit, where there are hundreds of butterflies flying around - sometimes landing on you. Corbin seemed to like this exhibit. Jeremy was in awe. A quick pass through the Children's Zoo and a stop at the penguin exhibit - where luck would have it - they were just about to feed the penguins. Jeremy sat on the ground and watched and watched and watched. He simply loves penguins - they are his favourite animal.

It was a nice day out with Tina and the boys.

Posted by Adam