Saturday, 30 June 2007

Bye Jeremy, Hello IKEA

Tina and I said our goodbye's to Jeremy and headed off to IKEA in Burlington. We were looking for new furniture for our bedroom, which we planned on painting later this week. We bought two bedside tables and a dresser plus some smaller items. The van was loaded and we headed towards Windsor.

A quick stop in Brantford for the excellent french fries at Stan's Chip Wagon - these are the best fries anywhere. About an hour later we pulled into London and stopped at Super Pet, which was having a major inventory clearance. Seems that Petsmart just bought the majority of the Super Pet chain, and was clearing inventory that it does not carry before renovating the stores.

Tina and I were saddened by this purchase, since Super Pet opened not too long ago in Windsor and had a better selection of small pets and fish and their assorted accessories and foods. My understanding is that Petsmart will incorporate the good parts of Super Pet into the renovated stores. Only time will tell how this will play out.

We then headed up to the toy store before making our way back to the Parks, the 401 and Windsor. A very successful day.

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Friday, 29 June 2007

Babcia Camp 2007

We headed up to Brantford tonight, to drop Jeremy at my Mom's for the week aka 'Babcia Camp'. The drive took longer than usual as Jeremy had some bathroom issues.

Eventually, we made it. Jeremy gave Babcia and Grandpa some birthday presents. Both Jeremy and Babcia had special t-shirts with Babcia Camp 2007 iron-ons made by Tina.

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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Camp Winston - Year 2

After an awesome breakfast and some outside play, we left Brantford at 11:00 am sharp for the trip up to Camp Winston. I decided to take the 407, the toll road, from the 403 in Burlington to the 400. It took us 56 minutes from Brantford to the 400 - well worth the $13 in tolls given that I didn't have to yell at a single driver. The OPP doing radar was amusing - the 407 is an 'express toll route'.

The drive up the 400 was another story. The highway is packed three lanes wide between Toronto and Barrie. They really need to extend the 404 around the eastern side of Lake Simcoe and hookup with Highway 11 near Gravenhurst and also extend the 427 towards Wasaga Beach.

We had lunch at Boston Pizza in Orillia. Corbin was preoccupied with arriving at Camp Winston as soon as possible. We reminded him that the camp does not open until two o'clock, so arriving early would just mean waiting around. We finished lunch and took the 'back way' via South Sparrow Lake Road to Camp Winston.

Arriving at the camp, Corbin was mildly stunned. He was amazed that Denise, the camp director, remembered who he is. Cathy, a counsellor from last year, greeted Corbin and got him set up in his 'cabin'. They went off to investigate fishing equipment, while Jeremy played on the playground, Tina dropped the meds off at the nurse's station and I watched Jeremy.

We eventually found Corbin and said our goodbyes. Jeremy was the most sad - he found a huge pile of sand to play in.

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Friday, 22 June 2007

Off To Brantford

Well we are off to Brantford tonight - part of our trip to Camp Winston. Before heading out, Corbin and I went shopping to find some retirement presents for my mom. We settled on a VIA gift certificate and a digital picture frame from Costco.

Returning home, we packed the van and stopped by the bank to deposit the yard sale money and McDonald's for a quick supper. We arrived in Brantford around 8:30 pm, with both boys promptly engaging Babcia in play. Tina and I remarked at how cool it was.

My mom showed of her new patio furniture set she received as a retirement present from the staff at the W. Ross Macdonald School. It was an impressive set - six chairs, a glass table and a stool. Very nice.

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Goodbye Grade 3

Today was Corbin's last day of school - a week early because he is going to Camp Winston this weekend. Mrs. Murphy was outside waiting with Corbin - she gave him a big hug and kiss, thanked Tina and myself for our support and wished Corbin a great time at camp. I thanked Mrs. Murphy for all her help.

It was an awesome year for Corbin. No suspensions. No detentions. Only one or two phone calls. His reading ability is remarkable. Thanks to the staff at St. Alexander's School for your support. See you in September - hope you are all ready for Jeremy ;)

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The Incredible Journey

Corbin was Student of the Month for June for his class. He received it for "The Incredible Journey", a testament to his perseverance and improvements this year.

Congratulations Corbin.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Sold The Desk

The person that showed some interest in the desk stopped by with his wife. We were asking $40, they offered $30, I countered with $35. Sold. Since they lived in the area, I offered to deliver the desk to them - the husband said to keep the change. Say goodbye to the desk. Another $40 towards Corbin's camp fund.

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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Yard Sale Success

Finally had our yard sale today. We shared our driveway with Jennifer Karb, so there was plenty of stuff to browse and buy. They were calling for hot weather - as long as it does not rain we are fine, since two large trees shade the driveway.

We started setting up after 6:30 am. By 7:00, we were still setting up but people were already stopping by. We probably made about $20 before 8:00, the official start time. People came and went. Had plenty of visitors from the senior's building across the street.

After lunch Tina and I had sold most of the large items including the bookcase, CD cases, stroller, fish tank, metal shelving unit. The books and VHS movies were hot sellers. Some things that we thought would sell, didn't, and vice-a-versa. The desk didn't sell, though someone did show some interest and may stop in later during the week.

Around 3 pm we started packing up. There are about four large boxes of stuff that we will be donating to charity - no keeping the stuff this time around. There is still the desk and floating shelves to sell - I'll post something at work. We made over $220 towards Corbin's camp.

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Monday, 11 June 2007

Swimming Update

Jeremy and Corbin have been taking swimming lessons for the past year. Jeremy moved up to the last part of his current level - don't ask me which level or part, the whole level system changed, again. Seeing that Jeremy is progressing, we will sign him up for more lessons in the fall.

Corbin seems to have plateaued. He can swim the length of the pool and can dive into the pool, but does not seem to be getting any better or any worse. We may take him for casual swims, but lessons, for the time being are not in the game plan.

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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Tina and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in high-tech fashion: we text messaged best wishes to each other. Tina was in London with Corbin, making her way back from Dunnville - see the previous post for more details.

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Traffic, Hotel and Other Follies

This weekend we all were supposed to go to Dunnville, Ontario and celebrate Tina's Godparent's, Bill and Lynn Bassingthwaite, 40th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Jeremy was not feeling well, so Tina decided to take Corbin while I stayed in Windsor with Jeremy.

Tina and Corbin left Saturday morning and just made it in time to catch the beginning of the service - seems traffic through Hamilton was way busier than her or I thought it would be. Corbin had a great time at the reception afterwards. But that was about where the fun ended. Tina searched for a hotel or motel and could not find anything until London. She checked in the Holiday Inn Suites for the night. Corbin and Tina had their own queen size bed. I was glad to hear they found a place to spend the night.

Jeremy and I had a good day. I cleaned up around the house and played with Jeremy on and off. We watched some TV and I read him some books at bed time. He asked if we could go to the Maple Leaf for breakfast, and I said sure thing.

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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Who Ordered This Crazy Weather?

Tuesday was cool, cloudy and dreary - it looked and felt like a fall day. Wednesday was very sunny - not a cloud in the sky - and warm - all in all, a wonderful day to not be in an office. Thursday turned into a hot and muggy day - a good day to have air conditioning.

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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Aye, Aye Captain

Jeremy was spending the weekend with the Helkie's and Tina was scrapbooking all day today, so that left Corbin and myself to do some chores around the house and go see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in the afternoon.

The first task of the day was cleaning up the boy's room, which was a mess. I moved Corbin's bed so that he can get under it and get each and every thing that was laying on the floor. I vacuumed and then washed the floor. The bed was moved back and the secret hiding place was cleaned out. Next, I organized the book case followed by the closet. Corbin checked under Jeremy's bed. Some more vacuuming and washing of floors and the room was clean and tidy.

I had Corbin clean up the toys in the living room and basement. I followed behind and vacuumed all the remaining rooms and tidied up the kitchen.

It was a very hot day, but the lawn had to be cut. I managed to cut the front lawn and half of the backyard before having a shower and heading out to the movie.

The theatre was not too busy so we managed to find good seats. Both Corbin and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Though it was almost 3 hours long, it did not feel like a long movie. I would recommend it to anyone with an 8-year old boy ;)

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