Sunday, 7 September 2008

Brantford Via London . . . and Best Buy

It was time to take Bev back home. Fortunately, Gerry was able to meet us in London. We let the hostage, er, Bev go and said our goodbyes.

We had dinner at Swiss Chalet. It wasn't too bad, but the waitress, who appeared to be new and overwhelmed, forgot part of Tina's meal.

Next we headed over Best Buy where I bought my mom a flat panel LCD TV for her bedroom. They had them in stock and I was in and out in about 10 minutes.

The drive to Brantford was uneventful.

While my mom played with the boys, I decided to setup the new TV. I really wanted to see what this thing was capable of.

It was well packaged in the box and was very easy to set up. I went through the setup menu and in no time had the channels automatically programmed. I drove out to Canadian Tire to pick a component cable for the combo DVD/VCR player. The DVD picture was sharp. The analog TV signal was acceptable.

The next day, I realized that only the DVD player uses the component output, so Tina and I went Wal-Mart and bought some stereo and video cables to hook up the VCR side. We stopped by the chip wagon to get some french fries and drove around Brantford. We stopped in at Lowes and Future Shop before going back to my mom's.

I hooked up the additional cables and revised the 'watching' instructions for my mom. She was in awe of the TV. She couldn't believe how big the picture was.

Jeremy and Corbin played with their Babcia all weekend.

It was a very relaxing weekend. Not a single fight or complaint.

Posted by Adam