Sunday, 20 April 2008

Me And The Boys

With Tina at a conference in Toronto, it was a boys weekend. Tina left Friday afternoon, leaving me with Jeremy. So we played some Playstation and played a board game before picking up Corbin at school.

Jeremy and I arrived at the school 10 minutes early per an arrangement we have with the school. But, lo and behold, Corbin wasn't ready. The school had better get it's act together, or I'll make a mental note to pick him up at 3:50 pm. Don't be messing with me.

I wanted to get some things done outside, so I made the boys go outside and play, while I tried to get things done in the garage (like sweeping out all the leaves, dust and dirt that accumulated over the winter). I did manage to get that all done and re-organize items, but it was a struggle with two boys constantly interrupting me.

Inside the house for supper. And then time for Playstation and TV. The boys fell asleep quickly.

Saturday was more or less the same deal. Breakfast, do some chores inside and outside and stop by Home Depot. I decided to get a late lunch from A&W. I went drive-through and set up the boys with the DVD player in the van. So they ate and watched Stuart Little 2. Then we took a ride around town before returning home for more Playstation time.

On Sunday we headed over to the Maple Leaf for breakfast. Jeremy ate his pancakes in record time. Corbin struggled with breakfast - he usually loves breakfast at the Maple Leaf - but I did get him to eat at least one egg.

Did some cleaning up and then played with the boys. Waited for the arrival of Tina.

It was a great weekend with the boys.

Posted by Adam