Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hello Gerry

Gerry came down Saturday morning (and by morning we mean he was at our door before 9:00 am) to take Bev back to Goderich.

Tina had asked him to repair the door to our crawl space. Gerry did so, but not before he and I had a lively discussion about it should be done. I conceded to his way of thinking because it was Tina, not me, that asked him to do the work. I assisted as best as I could.

Later Gerry and I went out to do some shopping - get some things to finish off the door (a latch and some tapcon concrete screws) - and so that Gerry could buy some safety shoes at the local ISECO store. Gerry did find and buy his shoes, but he learned that that line of shoes is discontinued. He is devising a plan that involves him calling all the ISECO stores and having them sell their stock to him at half price. The plan is in it's early stages.

We headed out to Canadian Tire before crossing the street to the new Home Depot. Gerry spent a few minutes in the tool section and was impressed by the appliance section.

Later in the afternoon, Tina prepared a top notch meal and we all vegged around the house.

Posted by Adam