Wednesday, 5 March 2008

When Did It Become March?

A million apologies for not writing anything over the past two weeks. Between dealing with the boys and the need to shovel snow, Tina and I have not had all that much time to post an update.

Corbin's rough patch continues. One of his workers took him to the YMCA for swimming and Corbin refused to leave. Tina had to leave the house to go deal with Corbin while I left work to pick up Jeremy from the babysitter's.

Jeremy seems to have fully recovered from his surgery at the end of January. His JK teachers can't believe how much more attentive he is. Jeremy tells us "not hitting and no notes" when we ask him how school was. He still has mornings where he does not want to go school.

Tina's employment status is about to change - I'll leave it to her to write about it.

My work is slow. Seems we are in another lull. Hopefully it will pick up after March Break.

We had both the Pontiac Montana and the Pontiac Wave in for servicing. New front brake pads and rotors and new spark plugs for the Montana - the brake pads and rotors were original and lasted 130,000 km.

The Wave had some recall work performed plus we got new valves and valve rings to resolve an issue with the Hold light coming on. Apparently a certain misfire condition would set off the Hold light and the solution was to replace the valves and rings. That meant that Tina had a rental car this past weekend. She even got to drive it to London for an appointment at CPRI.

Posted by Adam