Friday, 14 March 2008

March Break - Day 6 - Long Way Home

Louisville, KY > Windsor, ON

Adam concentrating on drivingIt was the last day of the second longest Szymczak family vacation. Time to head north; time to go home.

Jeremy woke up early, so I got ready and took him down to grab a bite to eat. Jeremy selected Cheerios and I had coffee, OJ, cinnamon roll, and some mini-bagels with scrambled eggs and cheese. I brought Corbin a cinnamon roll to eat. It was Tina's turn to go down and grab a bite to eat.

Day 2 - Tina vandalizing the Children's Museum of IndianapolisPacking went well and we were out of the hotel and in the van shortly after 9:00 am. It was raining - just a drizzling. Not a big problem since we were not doing anything today other than going home.

The drive up I-71 was wet, but it was a scenic drive. Going up and down hills and through a valley at one point. Plenty of police cars along the way. At the I-71/I-75 merger south of Cincinnati, traffic picked up considerably and was packed through Cincinnati.

Corbin reliving a past moment - Children's MuseumWe stopped between Dayton and Cincinnati for gas and for some coffee at a Tim Horton's (I said we couldn't pass up these opportunities). Much of the snow from a week ago had melted. Around Findlay, Ohio, the rain had finally stopped. Again, plenty of police along the way, but if you were driving 75 mph or less, you were okay.

Toward the Ambassador Bridge traffic began to fall off since I-75 is closed at the Bridge. You can still get to the bridge to Canada - essentially I-75 is a very long off-ramp.

Jeremy and Friend - Children's Museum of IndianapolisTraffic at the Bridge was light. A slight backup at duty-free, but nothing major. There were plenty of customs booths open and two questions later, we were on our way down Huron Church Road to Riverside Drive.

We arrived home around 3:30 pm. The drive did not seem that long, but the stretch in Ohio between Toledo and Dayton was a bit boring. Tina and Corbin played Mario Party DS on the Nintendo DS. Jeremy watched Scooby-Doo yet again and I listened to the CDs I burned.

Corbin driving a bus - Louisville Science CenterThere was no arguing or fighting today. A great way to end a great vacation.

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