Tuesday, 11 March 2008

March Break - Day 3 - Indiana State Museum

Indianapolis, IN

Another good start to the day. Tina went down to get breakfast for Corbin and herself. I went down with Jeremy, who decided to have Bran Flakes today.
We left the hotel around 9:45 am, arriving at the Indiana State Museum some 15 minutes later. There is an underground parking garage that has a direct pedestrian to the museum. It wasn't too busy - yet. We paid $21 for the four of us and had our parking ticket validated for a flat rate of $3.00.

The museum has an impressive display of life in Indiana from the from the creation of the earth all the way to, well, today. Plenty of items are on display and there are a good number of interactive stations. The exhibits are located over three floors. There is an IMAX theatre, which we passed on.

The museum is located within the White River State Park - an urban park located in downtown Indianapolis - and the Canal Walk runs through the museum. The Indianapolis Zoo it located just over the river.

The boys petted a boa constrictor snake and check out other snakes. They had absolutely no fear. They ran around the museum - it wasn't has attractive as the Children's Museum. But Tina and I liked it. It's a good place to teach kids how people evolved over time.

After three hours, we drove back towards the hotel and had lunch at Denny's. Jeremy gobbled up his macaroni and cheese and Corbin ate all of his pizza and some of his fries. Tina and I were full with our choices.

Next, we continued past the hotel towards the Greenwood Park shopping area and did some browsing and shopping. Tina helped the boys create some stuffed animals - a dinosaur for Jeremy and a puppy for Corbin - at the Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Back to the hotel to relax, rest and repack before travelling south to Louisville in the morning.

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