Saturday, 10 November 2007

Ann Arbor Here We Come

Jeremy at Lorelei's. Check.

Corbin at Jen's. Check.

Tina & Adam packed up and ready to go. Check.

We headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan today for a weekend of relaxation, shopping and fun. We arrived to a very backed up Ambassador Bridge at 10:00 am. We cleared US Customs at 11:15 am. In between that time, we were met by a very rude Bridge employee who thought we were trying to sneak up the truck line. Idiot.

With our stomachs empty, we stopped at Denny's in Ypsilanti for a late breakfast. Hot, tasty and filling. Love the hash browns and sausages. The weather was nice so we headed straight to downtown Ann Arbor and parked in our 'usual' parking garage.

First stop, Dawn Treader Book Shop. Second stop, Borders. Tina bought a bunch of books at Borders. We headed out strolling and browsing the downtown area. We had a good time walking around soaking in the sun and getting some fresh air.

Just after 3:30pm we checked in to the Holiday Inn Express and chilled out. After regaining some energy we headed over to Target, but were not too impressed with their selection - we bought a few things. Drove across the road to Meijers to buy some munchies and pop (aka dinner) and headed back to the hotel.

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