Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Northern Vacation - Day 5

Gaylord, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario

Last day of our northern vacation. Not much planned today other than some shopping before returning home. Had a great breakfast - gotta love those cinnamon rolls at Holiday Inn Express. The drive down was uneventful, but you could feel the heat the closer we got to Detroit.

Just before we got to Pontiac, Corbin had to go to the bathroom, so I pulled off and drove into Holly. Back on the highway and five minutes later, we were at Target. Let's go shopping. I bought some jeans, Corbin got a metal detector and Jeremy got a toy. I also bought Shawshank Redemption and season 2 of 24 on DVD. No problem at Canada Customs at the tunnel. Naturally, I stopped to get Tina some Tim Horton's.

It was nice to be back home, however, the house was a mess. Oh, well.

Posted by Adam