Saturday, 7 July 2007

Northern Vacation - Day 2 Part 2


Well, after a full day at Science North, we were looking toward relaxing at the Holiday Inn. We made a quick stop at a grocery store and headed back to the hotel.

At the hotel we 'dined' on leftover pizza and munchies. The boys watched a movie on the portable DVD player, I browsed the net and Tina read a book. Around 5 pm or so, we started hearing a loud noise - it was music. Oh, no. The music was coming from a wedding reception below us. Wonderful

Tina called the front desk to see if we could get a room elsewhere. Staff did not call right back which means that no similar or upgraded rooms were available. Eventually, they called back and offered a room with two doubles. I don't think so. The staff member did say that the rooms we were in were supposed to be 'off block' meaning that they were not supposed to be let out.

I took Corbin down to the pool while Tina played a few games with Jeremy. Coming back to the room the music had stopped. It started up an hour or so later and didn't stop till 1:30 AM.

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