Saturday, 7 July 2007

Northern Vacation - Day 2 Part 1


The main feature today was Science North. I had never been to Science North since it opened a few decades ago. We had planned to go a few years ago with Corbin, but the satellite attraction, Dynamic Earth, was being expanded.

We arrived not too long after the facility had opened. The parking lot, which cost $4.00, was not even partly full, which meant we had a close parking spot. I purchased the Dynamic Duo Passport, which included admission to Science North, Dynamic Earth, an IMAX movie and a Virtual Voyages ride and it was good over three days. A little pricey, but it made for a full day today. We decided that we would the Dynamic Earth attraction tomorrow on our way out of Sudbury.

Our first stop was the Wings Over the North: A 4D Bush Plane Adventure - the wait was not too long (we seem to have good luck on vacations with arriving at certain attractions or events at the right time - in other words, not waiting too long). This is a show that you wear special glasses for a 3D effect. The 4D comes into play with additions such as compressed air and water. Both Jeremy and Corbin enjoyed the show.

We walked up to the exhibit areas and the boys got hands on. After an hour we headed back down to the IMAX theatre to watch Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag. The movie was spectacular. The images are so crisp that they look too real. Tina said that she almost got sick a few times, especially the during the take-off scenes. Corbin loved the movie - planes, bombs, missiles and explosions - what else could a boy ask for. Jeremy was a wee bit weary, but survived the show.

Back to the exhibits. Both boys laid on a bed of nails, though Corbin was worried that he was going to get hurt. Jeremy had no qualms laying down. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits and both boys had a great time. We grabbed a bite to eat and lined up for the Virtual Voyages ride. I had some reservations about this since Corbin and I went on one at the CN Tower - it was unimpressive. Now the ride at Science North, is much different and much better - even Tina had a fun time.

After a six or so hour day at Science North we headed back to the hotel for munchies, a swim and relaxation. But that was not too happen. See Part 2 above.

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