Sunday, 29 April 2007

Awesome Weekend

You couldn't ask for a better weekend weather wise: warm, sunny, clear skies.

Saturday was just doing things in and around the house. Did some shopping. Nothing exciting.

Sunday we headed out to Ojibway Park to walk the trails, take in nature, get some fresh air and just enjoy the weather. The park was waterlogged in many areas - wood chips were used to make some the trails passable - though there were some parts where the trail was squishy.

Along the way we saw a baby snow owl, to whom Corbin insisted waving and talking to. It took Jeremy some time to find the owl, but he was more interested in snakes. We made it back to the nature centre and the boys checked out the displays with snakes, a rabbit and some frogs.

Next, we went out for a drive and eventually ended up in Amherstburg. We stopped at Tim's to get some drinks and munchies for the boys. We headed back to Windsor and stopped at Boston Pizza for an early supper.

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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Boys Weekend - Day 3

Corbin slept in but I had to wake him up so he could get ready for his afternoon out with Becky, one of Corbin's many workers. We had a quick breakfast and Corbin had a shower. When Becky arrived, Corbin had no idea what to do. Tina left an envelope with a suggestion - Earth Day at Malden Park - and some money. So that's where they went.

I wasn't alone for too long, as Laurilie brought Jeremy back - who was quite excited to be home. He had an excellent weekend and had lots of fun including throwing rocks into the big pond and watching some mallard ducks fly away.

I changed Jeremy into some shorts and we went outside to play. Unfortunately, there was a bumble bee flying back and forth and Jeremy wanted it to go away. So we went out to Canadian Tire to get a few things and stopped at A&W to get some food.

Back home we did some things outside - Jeremy played with one of the bubble guns and I tried to get the bikes ready for the season.

Becky and Corbin returned from Earth Day. Corbin had three trees, a mini-blue box, some tattoos and some pieces of trees. Both of them had a wonderful time. So the three of us played outside and then went in to relax.

Tina arrived back safe and sound and thoroughly enjoyed her weekend in Toronto.

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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Boys Weekend - Day 2

Corbin and I headed to the Maple Leaf Restaurant to have some breakfast (eggs over easy, home fries, bacon and toast). Next we headed up to the transfer station to dump some garbage and recycling, but traffic was backed up so I headed over to Home Depot to pick up some lattice and some other goodies.

Back home, I worked on the lawnmower while Corbin watched one of two movies Tina borrowed from the library. I was surprised that the mower worked after a few pulls. I cut the grass in backyard and trimmed the edges with the edger. The lawn really needs to be regraded and the sod replaced. I'll be adding that to my to-do list.

Sarah came by and took Corbin to Chuck E. Cheese. This gave me some time to replace the broken lattice on the fence. That task was straightforward and was done in about 30 minutes. However, I noticed that one of the posts was loose in the ground - so I'll have to figure out a way to brace it for the time being. Sarah and Corbin returned and they walked over to the school to play some baseball. That gave me time to clean up the garage.

Corbin played some more video games but I told him that Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was on TV, so he watched that, while I watched the NASCAR Nextel race in Phoenix. My driver, #24 aka Jeff Gordon, won. It was his first win at Phoenix and he tied Dale Earnhardt for overall wins at 76. The last 10 laps were amazing. The Car of Tomorrow is making for very exciting racing.

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Friday, 20 April 2007

Boys Weekend - Day 1

Tina headed to Toronto for a conference. Jeremy went to Aunt Lorelei's. So it was Corbin and me. I picked up Corbin from school and he was very excited about the weekend. We played a few PS2 games and then I let him watch a movie.

I went out to the garage and loaded up the van with some garbage and recycling to take to the transfer station tomorrow. I sweeped the garage and came back in the house and hung out with Corbin until bedtime. The weather was fantastic with an amazing forecast of sun and heat for the weekend.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Spring is back...we think

Yesterday was very windy and very gusty. I watched Jeremy's Little Tikes Slide literally slide across the patio - when I woke up this morning, it had been moved some 20 or so feet away from it's original location.

Today is a gorgeous day. Sunny with no clouds and hardly a breeze. The temperature is 13C and climbing. They are predicting high teens and low 20s this weekend - just in time for me to cut the grass.

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Fish, Part 4

Unfortunately, one of Jeremy's Penguin Tetra's died sometime during the previous night (the fish was found attached to the filter intake - that made it easy to retrieve it). Fortunately, Jeremy was at day care, so we did not have to deal with him.

I put the fish in a plastic bag and took it to the pet store after work. No problem getting a replacement fish. I also purchased a Peppered Corydoras (aka a 'cory cat') to scrounge around the bottom.

Amazingly, both boys did not notice the two bags floating in the tank, and I was able to release both fish with no problems. The cory appears to be the first fish to enter the 'log' (aka fake looking hollow log with fake plants sticking out of it).

Tina mentioned to me that the other night, Corbin was sitting and watching to see if any fish were entering the log (he was supposed to be sleeping). So I mentioned to Corbin that I saw the cory scavenging inside the log. He was happy to hear that.

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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Weather Follies

The grass is green, the bulbs have bloomed (or are about to bloom), and the perennials are growing. In fact, the lawn, at least the backyard, looks like it could use a cutting soon. It is April after all.

But it seems that Mother Nature can't quite make her mind. Today, I went out with Jeremy and it was cold. What is up with that? I did mention that it is April? I think December was warmer than April has been so far. I even saw snow coming down today. I did mention that lawn needs to be cut soon? I'm still waiting for spring to show up.

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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Fish, Part 3

It was Jeremy's turn to get some fish. We headed to Petsmart first to get some Black Skirt Tetras - I already have three and wanted to get three more. We also picked some things for the Guinea Pig. Jeremy was his usual cute self, talking it up with the staff.

Our next stop was Super Pet to get some Penguin Tetra's. Naturally, Jeremy had to look around and put his finger in as much water as possible. We finally got some Penguin Tetra and Jeremy wanted to hold the bag. I let him hold it for a few seconds and that seemed to satisfy his needs.

At home, I put both bags in the tank and Jeremy wanted to 'catch' the fish. I told him that we will put the fish in the tank in 'three minutes' (a phrase we use with Jeremy which more often than not is more than three minutes). Half an hour later, I called Jeremy up and we released the fish (again, he had to stick his hands in the tank). He watched the fished and asked where are his fish. He was very happy with his fish.

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Friday, 13 April 2007

Fish, Part 2

With the new fish tank up and running, it was time to populate the tank with new fish. Corbin had a PA Day today, so we headed out to Super Pet and looked at the overwhelming display of fish. I gave Corbin the 'parameter' of his search - anything along this wall. He settled on the Pearl Danio species. He asked a store associate for help and we got five Pearl Danios. We also picked up a decoration - a fake log with fake plants growing out of it to be a shelter for the fish.

Back home, Corbin helped me put the bag in the tank - he wanted to put them in right away. I said the water temperature has to be the same. 30 minutes later I cut the bag open and Corbin emptied the bag and the new fish began darting around.

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Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter...or is it Christmas?

We headed to Brantford to spend a weekend with Babcia and Grandpa. It's all Jeremy could talk about all week. He either told everyone that he was going to Babcia's house or asked them when it was time to go. We left late Friday morning, arriving just after two in the afternoon.

The trip up was interesting. At the beginning of the week it was warm, short-sleeve warm. Two days later, it was freezing cold with a chance of snow. What the? On our way up to Brantford, we encountered a few squalls and noticed snow on the ground shortly before London. Looks like the Easter Egg hunt will be indoors.

Woke up Saturday morning to snow. Yup, snow. We didn't have ANY snow just before, during or after Christmas! Adam drove Tina, Babcia and the boys to Church for the blessing of the basket. The boys were all dressed up and behaved during the short ceremony. Later, the boys and Babcia played outside while Tina and Adam went out to shop and enjoy their time-limited freedom. Most of the snow had melted by the afternoon.

Sunday started the same way as Saturday with even more snow of the ground. Jeremy woke up early and was heading towards the living room - fortunately Tina was able to head him off. Corbin woke up and the boys went Easter Egg hunting. They spent the next 10 or so minutes pigging out on candies. In the afternoon, Babcia and Jeremy made a small snowman (something that didn't happen at all this winter because there was either no snow or it was way too cold to be outside). Everyone enjoyed the wonderful dinner that Babcia cooked.

Monday started with Jeremy having a nose bleed in bed. Ooops. While Adam bathed Jeremy, Babcia cleaned up the mattress and soaked the sheets. Tina began packing stuff for the trip back to Windsor. After a quick breakfast, we headed out. The weather was sunny - perfect for a trip home. We stopped in London at Super Pet and Costco to do some shopping and then travelled down the 401 to Windsor.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Fish, Part 1

It's been five days since I setup the new tank. I finally ditched the old 20 gallon tank and wrought iron stand. It was time to go to a larger tank and a new stand.

I had been looking for a new stand for awhile. I didn't want one of those typical fish stands that looked like a cabinet made from pressed board. I wanted something that would fit with the furniture in the living and dining rooms. I found what I wanted at Petsmart - a solid wood stand in a dark brown, almost black stain. The stand has a bottom shelf and looks, well, like a piece of furniture. It was very easy to assemble and is solid.

Next was buying the tank. I was originally looking at just getting a tank and canopy, but in the end I wound up buying a starter kit - a Waterhome 25. The kit came with a filter, heater, net, food, two fake plants, and a canopy with a fluorescent light.

What attracted me to the Waterhome was the canopy. It has a very complete and sleek look. It is designed to 'catch' as much water evaporation as possible. It also blocks out light from escaping the top. Further, the entire canopy comes off making access to the tank straightforward and easy. The filter is an AquaClear 50 - your run of the mill external filter. I reused the heater from my old tank keeping the new heater as a future replacement.

Instead of the usual plastic large gravel, I purchased some substrate (a creamy beige colored small grain gravel) that was different from anything I had used in the past. I reused some of the plants and decorations from the old tank.

Setup of the new tank went without a hitch. The three Black Skirt Tetras are enjoying the larger 25 gallon tank to themselves - they each seem to have their own area of the tank and they are hanging behind the plants. The filter is functioning and the new tank 'fishy' smell is almost gone.

The tank looks good and people are noticing it as they enter the house. The next steps include more fish, a background, adding more substrate and a new decoration. In the long run, I may get an automated feeder (there is one model that fits into a cavity in the canopy).

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