Sunday, 28 January 2007

Pucher Get Together

Headed up to Woodstock to spend the day tobogganing and hanging out with the Pucher family. The drive up was uneventful until we got to Woodstock when it started to snow. They already quite a bit of snow up there.

Unfortunately, the Kennaley's were unable to attend this year due to sickness - seems to be a lot of that going around lately. Phil Brand and his daughter (and Adam's goddaughter) Alix, did make it. We all bundled up and proceeded to climb the hill in John's backyard and take turns trying to not wipe out. Jeremy obviously comes from a place that is flat and has little snow, for his first turn down the hill was without a toboggan - he went belly down the hill. It was hilarious to watch.

Corbin went down several times. Jeremy finally found a toboggan and went down solo a few times. Other times, Corbin and Jeremy went together but Jeremy was not a big fan of the snow blowing into his face. After about an hour - it was windy and snowing - we headed in to warm up and set up for supper.

Supper was excellent - Cindy outdid herself. We cleaned up and the kids played some more. Eventually, we parted ways - it had stopped snowing, so the drive back to Windsor was incident free - until Tilbury. Seems the snow plows were out salting the 401. So it took us a wee bit longer to get to Windsor. A great day trip

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Shopping Day

Though it was a sunny day, it was cold. Rather than hang around the house we headed to Devonshire Mall to do some browsing and shopping.

The mall was not too busy, which suited us fine. Tina stopped in a few stores hoping to find some new clothes. No luck. She also stopped at a few kids stores, but found no deals. She was kind of bummed that the store where she buys Corbins pants is closing down. We grabbed a bite to eat in the food court and proceed to do some more browsing.

We headed up to the New Balance store so that Tina could buy some running shoes that are to be used at the gym. Next was Best Buy. Adam purchased a couple of movies.

Not wanting to head home just yet, Adam drove out into the county for a short drive. At an intersection we would ask Corbin which way to turn. At first he was hesitant, fearful that he may get us lost (there is no way to get lost in Essex County - we are surrounded by water on three sides). About an hour or so later, we made it back home.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Day Trip To Frankenmuth

Tina was home with the boys all week and was getting a wee bit stir crazy. We packed the boys and headed up to Frankenmuth, Michigan for a day trip. Adam wanted some saltwater taffy and fudge and Tina wanted to buy some new ornaments at Bronner's. Both of us wanted a chicken dinner.

It being after Christmas, the crowds on the main drag were light. It made for a pleasant stroll. The weather was slightly on the cool side, but there was no snow, a nice day for walking. Adam bought his taffy and fudge. We headed over to Zehnder's for an early supper, but the place busy. So we headed across the street to the Bavarian Inn. It too was busy, but the line moved quickly and after about a 10 minute or so wait, we were seated.

We decided to go with the Chicken Dinner which consisted bread and jam, chicken noodle soup, three salads, mashed potatoes, stuffing and, of course, the world famous chicken. It was a good thing that we had no lunch, because there was a lot of food. The price for the four of was reasonable - about $45 US. We even had some leftover chicken to take home. After supper, we browsed the shops.

The final stop was Bronner's, one of the largest Christmas Stores in the world. It was not busy, which was a good thing. We looked around and bought around $100 in ornaments. Headed back to Windsor as the sunset. Tina enjoyed her day out. So did the rest of the family.