Sunday, 20 November 2005

A Day On The Trails

Today, the four of us, headed out to Ojibway Park on the west side of Windsor. The park is a natural area consisting of a forest with various trails and a nature centre where visitors can learn about the park and purchase books, bird feeders, bird seed and some goodies for the kids. Tina wanted to take the stroller, but Adam said let Jeremy walk and run free. It was a warm fall day - perfect for wandering on the trails.

The park was covered with leaves, everywhere. Jeremy liked the sound made when walking through the leaves, so he walked just off the trail where all the small saplings and bushes are located. Naturally, this meant that he kept walking into them - branches would bounce of his forehead. We ended up taking one of the longer trails - about 3 to 4 km - and Jeremy walked it for the most part.

We also brought the walkie-talkies so Corbin could wander the trails without out constant supervision. For whatever reason, Corbin was reluctant to go out on his own, so either Tina and Adam had to be with him. We ended up in the Nature Centre where Tina bought the boys a rubber snake for their excellent behavior.