Friday, 11 November 2005

Christmas Shopping

In what has become an annual tradition on Remembrance Day (aka Veteran's Day in the USA), we went shopping for Christmas presents for our boys and our nieces. Adam and Tina get the day off, but the kids are in school, which makes it easy to buy the presents in one morning. Adam's mom was down and she was able to stay with Jeremy, which made the day even easier. We start with a breakfast at a local eatery and then proceed to Toys R' Us. The place is hopping by 9:30 am and we usually bump into one of Adam's co-workers, Jim, and his wife Tracey. While you do spend a lot of money in one day, the Christmas shopping is done for the kids. No need to fight the crowds and lines. Usually the weather is nice and makes for a very relaxed shopping experience. All we have to worry about now are presents for each other and our parents.