Sunday, 13 November 2005

Babcia Visits Windsor

Babcia, Adam's mom, visited us this past weekend. She arrived, early Wednesday evening, by train. She spent the weekend playing with Jeremy when Corbin was in school and with Corbin when Jeremy was napping or otherwise preoccupied (like eating or getting his diaper changed). On Friday, when Adam and Tina were out buying Christmas presents for the boys, Babcia took Jeremy to the park for over an hour. Jeremy loves parks and he was loving it. On Saturday, she took Corbin to the park while Jeremy napped. There was a sudden silence in the house, something that Tina and Adam last experienced some three and half years ago. It was too quiet. It was a wonderful weekend for all. Tina and Adam were able to get some downtime and finish the Christmas shopping for the kids. Jeremy and Corbin were able to expend vast amounts of energy playing with Babcia. And Babcia got to spend a lot of quality time with her grandkids.