Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Strike Through the Eyes of a 10-Year Old

On the way back from soccer practise, Corbin asked when will he be attending karate classes again.

"Not until the strike is over" I responded.

"Oh, Sensei is on strike' Corbin said.

"No, the Community Centres are closed during the strike" I replied.

Well that made Corbin mad. "I'm gonna call the president" Corbin stated.

"The president of what" I asked.

"The President of America" Corbin retorted.

"That is different country" I said.

"Well, then I'm going to call 911" Corbin shot back.

"You mean 311" I asked. "Ya, 311" Corbin confirmed.

"Well they are on strike too. Some people are working there, but not as many as usual" I explained.

"What the? Then I'll go 311. I used the equipment on the school trip. I sat in a chair and used the headset." Corbin fired back.

That sums up Corbin's view of the strike.

Posted by Adam