Saturday, 2 May 2009

One Parent and One Child

Tina and Corbin headed out early this morning for a full day of Cub Scout activity at Camp Cedarwin. The day was filled with activities that kept Corbin and his troop very busy. Digging for things. Orienteering. Trails. Geocaching. Rope courses. All sorts of thing.

Jeremy and I stayed in Windsor. First order of the day was to pull out dandelions. My arms were hurting after that job. Then I filled in the holes where the dandelions were with a mixture of soil and seed.

Next up, get the lawnmower running. I needed a new air filter. Hmm, let's make hot dogs for lunch instead. Oops ran out of propane. A quick trip to Canadian Tire was necessary. The place was busy. So much for a recession. Had to wait at the checkout. Got both propane tanks filled - should last the summer.

Made us hot dogs before working on the lawnmower. Jeremy helped me remove the spark plug. I cleaned the plug, replaced the air filter and changed the oil. The mower started on the first pull. I cut the grass. Jeremy played in the backyard. At one point when I was cutting the front yard, he came out with his lawnmower to help me. Cute.

After 5:00 pm, Tina and Corbin returned home. Corbin had a great time. He found a new hobby: geocaching. I knew what it was. So I told him that I'll look into getting a GPS unit and we can start hunting.

Tina was hungry. She went out to get some fish and chips. Tasty and filling. A good way to end the day.

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