Friday, 16 January 2009

Disney World - Day 6 - Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Redux

It was our last day at Disney today. We showered, ate breakfast and finished packing. An itemized bill was left under our door and there was no need to check out if all was in order. The luggage was left with Bell Services and we headed to the boat dock to take the boat to Hollywood Studios.

My original plan was for us to go to Magic Kingdom. However, since we had done most of the attractions in Magic Kingdom, we wanted that experience to remain positive. So Tina and I decided the night before to give Hollywood Studios another try. It was closer to the hotel which meant we could spend more time in the park before coming back to the hotel for the trip back to Orlando International Airport.

It was cool - jeans and a sweater were appropriate attire. The boys had mitts and hats on. But it was very sunny, making for a pleasant day. We arrived after 9:30 AM and the park was not as busy as it was on Monday.

We managed to make it in time for the Jedi Training Academy - a live show that children participate in. To our relief, both Corbin and Jeremy were chosen to participate. The kids were given Jedi robes and lightsabers. Jeremy had some difficulty putting on his robe, so the 'Jedi Master' helped him out - Jeremy was front and centre.

The Jedi Master trained the kids in how to use the lightsaber. Then out of nowhere, Darth Vader appeared with two Stormtroopers. Darth Vader challenges the children to a one-on-one battle to see if they will join him. I don't think Jeremy or Corbin will ever forget this. All the kids were given certificates.

We took in some other shows and took some pictures with Power Rangers and Lightning McQueen and Mater. Another spin on Toy Story Mania (of course) before taking the Great Movie Ride - an attraction that takes you through various movie scenes and includes both live and animatronic characters.
Other attractions included Muppets 3-D (a show that needs some serious updating) and Prince Narnia (Tina wasn't too impressed).

Lunch was at the ABC Commissary. We did some more shopping and watched a street performance of a director filming a scene.
While Tina got our free 5 x 7 photo, Jeremy and I sat on a bench. The movie director introduced himself to Jeremy who had him audition for a scene. Jeremy played along. For his effort, Jeremy received a 'gold' plated cup and a business card.

It was time to leave Hollywood Studios and return to the hotel to wait for Disney Magical Express. While saddened to leave the park, we couldn't have finished on a better and happier note.

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