Thursday, 15 January 2009

Disney World - Day 5 - Animal Kingdom

A Short Day

Decided to sleep in today and take it easy. We set off to Animal Kingdom, arriving before 10:00 AM. It was noticeably cooler today, but it was sunny.

Parking was interesting in that I had to put up with a Disney employee lecturing me about the Diamond Parking Pass. She was telling us that the coupon in our book is not valid - that it was a copy and that we were supposed to have a card. I said the coupon is not a copy and that any issue she had should be taken up with her management, not me. Eventually, I parked in the Diamond parking area and we walked to the front entrance. I complained at the customer service desk about that experience.

On our way in, we could smell the animals.
We visited only two areas of Animal Kingdom: Discovery Island and Dinoland U.S.A. We took in the "It's Tough to be a Bug!", a 3D show that included crawling bugs in your seat. Jeremy was afraid of the show, but the rest of us liked it.

Next, we booked it over to "Finding Nemo - The Musical". We made it just in time, so no waiting in line. This was a live show based on the Finding Nemo movie and everyone loved it, even the kids. It was an interesting adaptation of the movie and included performers moving through the audience. Very well done and kept the attention of both our five-year old and 10-year old.

A short walk to Dinoland U.S.A. Corbin and I took a spin on Primeval Whirl - a spinning roller coaster - while Tina and Jeremy went on TriceraTop Spin - another Dumbo/Magic Carpet clone. Tina bought some tokens for the boys and they played a few carnival games.

Then we spent some time in the gift shop, where we all bought something. I purchased a WDW baseball cap, Jeremy picked out a bunch of stuff, Corbin a few things and Tina picked up some gifts.

It was close to lunch time so we grabbed a bite to eat at Restaurantosaurus.
On the way out we listened to a band play African music. Jeremy danced like there was no tomorrow.

We walked back to the parking lot and I dropped the gang off at the hotel because I had to bring the rental car back to the Dolphin Hotel.
We took it easy in the afternoon, hanging out in the hotel. My mom and Tina went out to the Boardwalk to do some browsing and shopping.

The boys and I chilled out in the room, watching TV and playing games on our Nintendo DS. I started getting some things ready for packing.

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