Monday, 12 January 2009

Disney World - Day 2 - Boma

Dining African Style

A later reservation to Boma meant that we had some time to relax in the hotel before heading out to eat. Despite the cooler temperature, Corbin went for a swim in the outdoor pool that also has a water slide. He grabbed some pool noodles and spent close to 45 minutes in the pool. The cooler weather didn't seem to slow him down.

Luna Park at the Boardwalk VillasAfter drying off and relaxing some more, we walked to the car and drove over to Animal Kingdom Lodge. Took less then 10 minutes to get there.

It was busy at Boma, but it didn't take to long for our buzzer to buzz. We were shown to a booth close to the buffet. Our server was top notch and knew how to handle the boys. He was very friendly, adding to the excellent atmosphere. We lined up and piled on the food.

The feature was prime rib (medium or well done). There was a great range of African-themed food to choose from. I went up three times before hitting the desert buffet. The boys finished early and laid down on both sides of Tina - I knew that the booth would come in handy.

Waiting for our table at BomaThe desert selection was excellent. It was difficult to choose a few items. Everyone was full. We recommend Boma as a place to eat.

On the way back stopped at the gas station near our hotel to see if I can pick up some milk, OJ and baked goods. Was able to score the milk and OJ (from concentrate - this stuff should be banned in Florida) and some junk food. Then we had to deal with Jeremy needing to go pee right away - of course.

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