Sunday, 11 January 2009

Disney World - Day 1 - Detroit Metro Airport

Windsor, ON to Orlando, FL

4:00 AM

Time to wake up, have a quick shower and breakfast and load up the van for the drive to Detroit Metro Airport. Thankfully is stopped snowing. Everyone eventually woke up, had some food and got dressed.

5:15 AM

Left the house and headed toward the Ambassador Bridge. Two customs booths open. No waiting and only a few questions. I-94 was limited to one or two lanes but was drivable. The North Terminal was a bustling place at 6:00 AM. Unloaded the van and had a porter take the bags and do curbside check in while I parked the van.

6:30 AM

Made it through security with no problem - talk about organized mayhem. A few more benches to put on shoes and coats would be useful. Walked over to the gate for Spirit Airlines and waited. Tina grabbed some hot food from McDonalds. More waiting. Corbin, Jeremy and myself played games on our Nintendo, Tina read a book and Babcia watched the action on the tarmac.

8:35 AM

Boarded the plane and had to wait while a replacement crew member arrived. First time on an airplane for Corbin and Jeremy. Both were a little anxious. Jeremy just wanted to play with his Nintendo DS and Corbin just wanted to get to Disney. Jeremy has numerous washroom visits.

It was cloudy most of the way, so there wasn't much for the boys to see. Over Florida, the clouds began to break and the boys got excited. I got excited because there was no snow on the ground.

11:50 AM

We made it to Orlando. Sun. Warmth. Palm trees. Tina simply loved it.

We checked in at the Disney Magical Express line. It was long but moving at a good pace. About 15 minutes or so later we were on the bus to Disney.

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