Sunday, 11 January 2009

Disney World - Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

As I drove pretending to know where everything is, I could not believe the amount of traffic. Buses. Cars. Monorails. Taxis. Busy.

I showed my parking pass at the booth and asked where the Diamond Parking (a CAA/AAA Vacation perk) area is - "follow the blue line" said the man. So I followed it. And I went too far. So I went around and followed it again. Was able to park not to far from the parking tram stop and from the sidewalk to the Ticket and Transportation Center.

We walked up to the monorail and one pulled in not too shortly. We boarded the iconic vehicles. The excitement was thick. Despite being awake for 10 or so hours, we still had some energy left. As the monorail got closer to Magic Kingdom, the boys got more vocal.

Finally, we pulled into the station. It was hot and there were people everywhere. Went through "security" then put out cards into the readers and were asked to record our finger print. The purpose of the fingerprint is to prevent someone from using your card. More on that in a later post.

We walked under the railroad and, finally, we were in Magic Kingdom. People here. People there. People everywhere. Walking up main street we stopped at Casey's Corner for a quick bite to eat. We did not use our Dining Plan (a five night stay means only five days of food). It was good to eat and drink.

People were lining up for the afternoon parade - Disney Dreams Come True Parade - so we decided to hang around and watch it. It had tons of characters in it. Both Corbin and Jeremy were glued to the parade. Check one thing off the list.

We managed to squeeze in a ride on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Tina got squirted by a camel when Corbin moved the carpet up. Fun times.

It was close to 4:00 PM, so we headed back to the hotel to unwind, relax, recover and get ready for supper.

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