Sunday, 11 January 2009

Disney World - Day 1 - Disney Magical Express

Orlando International Airport to Boardwalk Villas

The trip from the airport to the hotel took about 30 or so minutes. The Boardwalk Inn & Villas was the first stop, which was fine by us. Did I mention that it was sunny and hot?

I checked us in. Our room was not yet ready, but we did get our passes (which are also our room keys) and a whole bunch of information. While the rest of the gang waited in the hotel lobby, I booked it over to the Dolphin Hotel to pick up the car rental. It was a Toyota Rav 4. Nice. Drove back to the hotel and parked the car. Tina checked our carry on bags with Bell Services.

Since the room wasn't ready and we were hungry, we decided to drive up to Magic Kingdom to get into the Disney spirit.

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