Friday, 16 January 2009

Disney World - Day 6 - Home Sweet Home

Back to A Cold Reality

The Disney Magical Express was on time and the driver loaded our bags. The bus was full and we made one stop before heading to Orlando International Airport. The driver was a hoot. Making jokes and telling funny stories.

The airport was busy but the check in at Spirit Air was light. I used the self-service machine to get our boarding passes and luggage tags before handing our luggage to one of the staff. Then it was up to departures and getting through security. Fortunately, airport staff directed us to the family line and we proceeded quickly through the area - though I did have to take off my belt. Really?

A fast tram ride to our airside terminal and then a period of waiting. Our flight was pushed back about 45 minutes - it was late from Puerto Rico. But when it arrived at the gate, staff emptied and boarded the plane very quickly. Then the pilot was gunning it to the runway to avoid waiting to take-off.

The flight was uneventful. Those of us with a NintendoDS played it, while others read books or did crossword puzzles. There were no clouds between Orlando and Detroit, thereby offering an amazing view of the lit up cities below. The descent into Detroit was wild but smooth.

We had to walk a good distance before making our way down to the baggage claim section. While the rest of the gang waited for our bags, I put on my leather coat and readied myself for the extreme cold outside, hoping that our van would start with no problems.

It was freezing cold outside. I quickly found the van and turned key. No hesitation. Started right away. Turned on the heat and fans to full and left the garage. Tina had the luggage ready. As I parked the van she came out and I got the rest of the luggage. None of us could believe how cold it was.

No problem through Canadian customs. We grabbed a couple of pizzas at Little Caesar's for a very late supper. Guinea the Guinea Pig was happy to see us.

It was nice to be home after an amazing vacation. Thank you Babcia.

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