Friday, 19 December 2008

A Snowy and Cold Christmas in Goderich

Despite "Snowagedden", we managed to make it up Goderich with no issues.

We left around 7 pm, stopping for gasoline at the Pilot in Tilbury and a food and bathroom break in Watford. The roads were, for the most part, clear. The worst part was Highway 21 between Grand Bend and Port Franks - the road was not that well cleared.

Arriving at Bev & Gerry's house, we put Jeremy on the couch to fall back asleep and unpacked the van. It was cold. Really cold.

The next morning, Tina and I went out for breakfast. After that I went out looking for a snowblower (none to be had).

As some point, Corbin had dropped his Nintendo DS and broken the case. It still worked. Tina and I told Corbin he had to be much more careful and that he will pay for his replacement. I knew that most of the stores in Windsor were out of the DS, so Corbin and I drove over to Walmart and they had one left. I purchased it but I didn't let Corbin play with it.

I patched up the 'old' DS with some electrical tape and gave it to Jeremy to play with.

Teegan and Madigan came over and the four kids played and played and played. They went outside at one point, but that did not last long.

Late afternoon, Chris and Lisa came over and we opened presents. Then we had a wonderful roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. Yummy. We let the food digest and packed the van.

We left Goderich around 6:00 pm and arrived back in Windsor around 9:20 pm.

A nice Christmas in Goderich.

Posted by Adam