Wednesday, 19 November 2008

How Did We Survive Before Cable TV and Always-On Internet?

At approximately 2:00 pm yesterday, our internet and cable TV went dead. Tina called Technical Support at Cogeco and there was a message about system wide issues in Essex and Chatham counties. Okay, she thought.

By 7:00 pm, still no joy. Tina called up tech support again. The message was gone so she was put through to internet tech support. They ran her through the usual gamut of questions. At one point I got involved. The tech person tried to reset the connection but nothing. So we scheduled an appointment for Friday morning.

Tina was none to happy at having no internet or TV until Friday morning. So she called cable TV support. She got a much better response and a service called was arranged for today.

The service person came by just before lunch and found that our connection at the street cable box had been disconnected. Seems the person who installed a new connection the other day decided that it would be a good thing to disconnect a paying customer's connection. The Cogeco service rep couldn't believe that the street box only serviced four houses.

He came in to the house to make sure everything was working. He commented on the monitor and router that we have - something about one of the best monitors and a good router. Can't complain with a seal of approval from a person who is in the know.

Posted by Adam