Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ottawa Vacation - Day 2 - Part 1

Day one of the NACAC Conference. Tina prepared breakfast for the rest of us (oatmeal) plus made a coffee for herself and me.One by one the boys woke up and Tina fed them. She went down to register (changing the registration from name to her name).

Once I had a shower and the boys were fed, the three of us went to the pool while Tina went to the Conference. We spent about 45 minutes in pool - we were the only ones. The pool has a great view of the Chateau Laurier and downtown Ottawa.

We changed and chilled out in the hotel while I read the Globe & Mail and figured out what us boys are doing today. Steve had mentioned the Canadian Aviation Museum. I know the boys like planes and the admission was very reasonable and there was free parking. I called the front desk to get my van from valet parking and in about 10 minutes the van was ready - right at the front door. I think I am going to like Valet Parking.

The drive to the museum took us along Sussex Drive. We went by the embassies, 24 Sussex Drive and the Governor-General's residence. The Canadian Aviation Museum provides free parking in a surface lot. The facility is also accessible by public transit.

It wasn't too busy so we were able to walk around the museum at a leisurely pace. Corbin liked the planes, especially the bomber with the gun turrets. Jeremy like the idea but wanted to go back to the hotel and jump in the pool. Halfway through our visit, we came upon a lady standing beside an ejection seat with a helmet and g-suit. That got the boys attention. Corbin and Jeremy put on the helmet and took a turn sitting in the chair. They were pumped.

After 3 or so hours at the museum, we headed back to the hotel. Tina wasn't back from the conference, so the boys and I went for a stroll. We crossed the Rideau Canal and watched the honour guard at the War Memorial. Corbin and Jeremy seemed very interested.

We walked over to Sparks Street where busker's festival was underway. A busker was just starting his show, so we stopped and watched. He was a juggler who juggled torches. At one point, I became part of the show having to toss the third and final torch at the juggler. He thanked me for not burning him.

After the show, we walked some more and watched another show down the street. Then we headed back to the hotel walking past Parliament Hill. Tina was back and the boys were excited to tell her what we saw.

Pictures forthcoming.

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