Sunday, 6 July 2008

Camp Winston Via Goderich, Day 3

Part 1 - Goderich to Camp Winston

Camp day had finally arrived. Naturally, today was the day the boys decided to sleep in. So much for being excited, hey Corbin?

Tina and I had our showers and quick breakfast. The boys eventually woke up and had their breakfast.

We packed and left Bev and Gerry's around 9:00 am. The weather was warm and sunny. I got some gas at the Shell station in town. Jeremy watched movies on his DVD player, while Corbin played with his Nintendo DS.

We made our way over to Wingham and followed 86 to 87 to Highway 89. Traffic was light, so I was making good time. In Mount Forest, we saw what must be one of the smallest Canadian Tire stores - the thing could not be more than 20,000 square feet. Compare that to the standard 120,000+ square foot Canadian Store. Around Shelbourne we saw a large wind farm.

Traffic began to increase after Shelbourne. We stopped for a pee break, coffees and timbits at Tim Horton's in Alliston. About 10 minutes later we were heading northbound on Highway 400. We arrived in Orillia just after 12 noon.

Popped into Wal-Mart to get some last minute things and kill some time before heading over to Boston Pizza for our 'traditional' lunch before heading up to Camp Winston - about a 20 minute drive. We made sure to spray on some bug repellent before leaving Orillia.

We take the 'back way' to Camp Winston via S Sparrow Lake Road / Canning Road. This gets everybody into the cottage mood and we get a chance to cross the single-lane swing bridge. We have only seen the bridge swing once. Every year the boys hope to see it swing open.

We arrived shortly after 2:00 pm and the place was a abuzz with activity. A counsellor met us and we headed over to the cabin. Along the way, Corbin ran to Denise, the Camp Director, yelled out her name and gave her a big hug. Denise could not believe that Corbin remembered her name and was amazed at how much he has grown.

In Cabin 5 we unpacked Corbin's stuff. Not wasting any time, Corbin asked if he could go fishing and the counsellor said "let's go". Tina reminded Corbin to say good bye before fishing, so he quickly said good bye and hugged us.

Jeremy played on the Jungle Gym under my watchful eye, while Tina waited in line to see the nurse. Then it was time for the long drive back to Windsor.

Part 2 - Camp Winston to Windsor

I put a new DVD in Jeremy's DVD player and Tina buckled him in. We headed out.

Highway 11 and 400 were packed, as usual. A few slow downs between Barrie and Vaughan, but nothing major. Originally we thought about going shopping but by the time we got to Highway 407 in Vaughan it was 4:00 PM, so we pushed through.

I took the 407 to avoid the 401/Airport area. Yes, you pay a toll, but it is well worth the stress-free drive. Back on the 401, traffic picked up. At the Milton rest stop, Tina took over driving duties, reluctantly. She does not like driving in the afternoon. After 13 years together, I learned something new about my wife.

We had leftover pizza from Boston Pizza, so I had a few slices. Jeremy had some snacks. Even Tina had a slice. Took a washroom break at the rest stop west of Woodstock. Tina got frozen treats for her and I and gum for Jeremy.

The drive was uneventful until mileage 120. Traffic came to a stand still. It was clear that the 401 was closed up ahead. I told Tina not to follow the traffic on the so-called EDR (Emergency Detour Route) and we took a different way back to the 401. The waiting and detour cost us about 45 minutes.

We arrived in Windsor around 9:00 PM tired but happy to be home. The van was quickly unpacked. We let Jeremy stay up a little before we all retired to bed.

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