Saturday, 3 May 2008

On Their Own

Today, the inevitable happened. We moved Jeremy's bed into the office. It was becoming difficult to get the boys ready in the morning and they are both growing, so having both of them play in Corbin's room was becoming problematic.

So Jeremy shares his bedroom with the 'office' aka home of the desk, desktop computer and filing cabinet. We moved the DVD player and monitor into Corbin's room. Corbin was told that despite it being his room, the Jeremy still has the 'right' to watch a movie in his room. Over the next week or so, we will clean up and reorganize the office and move as much of Jeremy's clothes and stuff as possible.

The long-term plan would see the filing cabinet, desk and computer move into the basement behind the couch. Or we may sell the desk and get a smaller desk just for the computer. Time will tell.

Posted by Adam

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