Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Mouse Is In The House

Being gluttons for punishment, we travelled to Brantford for the Easter weekend. We left Friday morning arriving just before noon. Traffic was good until we go east of Ingersoll, where the volume picked up. Amazing for a Good Friday.

We arrived to a snow covered Brantford. Snow banks were at least three to four feet high and there was still plenty of snow on the ground. Most of it had turned to a icy snow - the boys could walk across the front yard without falling into the snow. I haven't seen this much snow in Brantford for decades. They had more snow than London or Goderich.

Friday evening, we spent some time in the basement. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something run along the wall and behind the TV. Tina saw the same thing.

It was a mouse.

Great. Jeremy was scared and Corbin wanted to catch and release it.

We told Grandpa and Babcia about it. Apparently Corbin had seen it earlier, but thought it was his imagination. Grandpa set up a trap with cheese, but that didn't work. The little bugger got the cheese. I suggested they use Peanut Butter. The next day, Grandpa set up some more traps with peanut butter.

Babcia, Tina, Corbin and Jeremy headed to church Saturday morning for the traditional blessing of the basket. Back home we learned that one mouse was caught, but we decided to leave the traps out in case there was more than one mouse.

The boys spent some time outside with Babcia. At one point Jeremy was all alone in the backyard - an important moment in child development.

Tina and I did some shopping and grabbed lunch at Pizza Hut.

Sunday we had a great lunch and then we headed out in good weather to London to pickup Tina's mom.

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