Sunday, 9 March 2008

March Break - Day 1 - Finally On Our Way

Windsor > Greenville, OH > Indianapolis, IN

The second winter storm of March delayed our plans by two days. It worked to our advantage, since we were not ready for this vacation in any shape of form. The house was a mess and we were not packed. We spent Friday and Saturday cleaning the house and packing.

Originally, our plan was to head down to Louisville Friday afternoon for two nights before heading to Indianapolis for three nights. The weather forced us to flip Louisville to the end and head out to Indianapolis on Sunday.

Corbin and Jeremy Watching MoviesTina and I decided to leave at 7:00 am Sunday. I packed some of the luggage into the van the night before and the rest in the morning. The boys didn't seem to interested in getting up and going on vacation, but eventually they were in the van. The morning went surprisingly smooth and we were on our way by 7:15 am - I think we will do more of this 'morning thing' in the future.

US Customs was not busy - only two booths were open, with a third opening just as we arrived. Less than five minutes later, we were taking the detour to I-75 (it is completely shut down at the Ambassador Bridge). Fortunately it was Sunday morning so traffic was minimal.

We stopped at Denny's in Monroe for breakfast. The boys kept us on our toes.
Back on I-75 heading down to Piqua, OH to head over to Greenville, OH. In Piqua, there was snow everywhere - they received way more snow than Windsor. It looked like a winter wonderland.

A quick stop at Tim Horton's (can't pass up these opportunities) in Piqua for a bathroom break and some beverages. The road between Piqua and Greenville was clear.
We arrived to a snowy but sunny downtown Greenville and parked right in front of the KitchenAid Experience.

Tina outside the KitchenAid ExperienceEvery March they have Customer Appreciation days with many items on sale and free goodies. The boys headed down to the play kitchen and Tina and I looked around. We bought a refurbished food processor, some silicone bakeware and a pasta kit for the KitchenAid bowl mixer. We got $10 off plus some freebies. That's Tina above doing a happy dance after visiting the KitchenAid Experience.

Headed down SR 121 towards I-70. Getting closer to Indianapolis, there was less snow. A good sign I suppose. We grabbed a late lunch at Wendy's and then checked in to the Holiday Inn Express located on US31, south of I-74/I-465. Unpacked and drove a few minutes north to a Target store to find some new shoes for Corbin and some clothes (especially pants) for Jeremy. Picked up some pool toys and some munchies.

Back at the hotel we spent a good hour in the swimming pool. The pool wasn't cold but not warm. We had the pool to ourselves, which was nice. It took the boys some time to fall asleep.

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