Friday, 1 February 2008

Recovery Not Working Out So Well

While the surgery was successful, Jeremy's recovery took a detour.

He was unable to keep anything down, liquid or medicine. After the fourth or fifth vomitting, Tina and I decided to take Jeremy to ER and go from there. We got Corbin up and I drove to the ER at Windsor Regional Hospital around one in the morning. It was cold but had not started snowing yet. I dropped Tina and Jeremy off and returned home with Corbin.

In ER, they put an IV in Jeremy to administer fluids and gravol. Around 6 am, he was admitted into Paediatrics Inpatient.

It was a school day, so I got Corbin's lunch ready (I think that is first time I made lunch for the boys), and then his breakfast before walking him over to the school. Given the craziness over the past 24 hours, the morning went well.

I called Tina to see if she needed anything before I visited. It had started to snow during the night, so the roads were snow-covered. It took about 30 minutes to get to the hospital.
I brought Tina a few things she asked for.

Jeremy was not a happy camper. He was in pain and would cry every time he swallowed. Poor guy.

The doctor (really a couple of doctors and med students) on rounds stopped by to examine Jeremy and decide on a course of action. After having a med student check Jeremy, the doctors and students went outside to discuss our little guy.

The attending doctor said that for Jeremy to be discharged that the pain had to be controlled, that Jeremy was sufficiently hydrated and that Jeremy was able to drink and eat on his own. He noticed that Jeremy had a temperature and prescribed an antibiotic to be given via the IV.

Jeremy was given some liquid Tylenol for the pain. He started to drink a little while I was there. That was a good sign. Jeremy had good urine production, reducing the concern about dehydration.

I returned home to get Corbin from school and have some supper.

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