Sunday, 17 February 2008

Rain Is Not Good For Tobogganing

John & Cindy Pucher held their annual toboggan party at their house. Their backyard consists of a large hill - a handy thing to have in winter when you feel the need to catch some speed...and snow.

Corbin was having a horrible week and could barely keep it together this morning, so Jeremy and I headed down the 401 to Woodstock. It rained the whole way down. It was cool but sunny yesterday - perfect weather for sledding.

Yes, rain. Of all the days to rain. And Woodstock has received a ton of snow of this year. A week earlier about a foot of snow fell during a storm. Perfect base for an uncontrolled slide down a hill. The rain didn't let up once we arrived.

Brendan and Dianne and their three boys stopped boy, so between John & Cindy's two girls, Jeremy had lots of new kids to play with.

In lieu of tobogganing, we reminisced about the 'old' days and caught up on the past year or so. We had a great meal and watched the kids play and play and play.

When it was time to leave, Jeremy started to sob. He did not want to leave - he was tired - but you can tell he had a great time.

The trip back to Windsor was uneventful. It rained, heavy at times, between Woodstock and West Lorne. But it stopped, thankfully. Jeremy had enough of watching movies and fell asleep. We arrived back in Windsor just after 10:00 pm

Tina and Corbin had a good day. He came to grips with why he didn't get to go - a huge step forward for him.

Hopefully next year the weather will be better.

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