Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Travel Time - Goderich

The drive up to Goderich was uneventful. What was surprising was the lack of snow north of Grand Bend. Save for the icy piles left over from the snow fall two weeks ago, Goderich was bare. Very unusual.

We spent the day not doing much. Teegan and Madigan came over to Nanny's and brought their NintendoDS units. Corbin had fun playing different games with Teegan. At one point Teegan, Madigan, Corbin and myself were chatting using the PictoChat program. What brave new world we live in.

We had dinner at Bev & Gerry's along with Chris, Lisa, Teegan and Madigan. Next the kids opened presents. It was crazy. The boys were very excited with their GI Joe, Transformers and Robot presents. Later that night Tina and I along with Chris and Lisa went to Wal-Mart to check out the video game and movie selection.

I found a Harry Potter three-pack of video games for the PS2 for $29.84. A remarkable price considering that the latest Harry Potter game was on sale for $24.84. I had to call Tina over to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Corbin constantly rents these games, so I decided to buy it as a 'reward' for Corbin.

Sunday was a relaxing day. Tina did some more scrapbooking. We had lunch from A&W, hung around some more before packing the van and heading out to Brantford.

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