Saturday, 6 October 2007

More Furniture Is Gone

Bev & Gerry stayed the night and the next morning the house was abuzz with commotion. Jeremy eventually woke up and wandered into the living room, letting out a scream of surprise in seeing Nanny at the dining table. We all headed out to the Maple Leaf Restaurant for breakfast.

After breakfast, Poppy and I stayed outside to load the chest of drawers and some shelving into their van. Everything fit - just barely. Yeah, the Pontiac Wave now fits in the garage.

I cleaned the van out. That thing was dirty. I dusted the dashboard, cleaned the windows and the inside of the van and vacuumed the inside. During all of this, Gerry was talking about his younger days. I can't recall Gerry talking this much, but it I did learn some new things about him. It was a hot day, so I took regular breaks while cleaning the van.

Eventually, Bev & Gerry left for Tillsonburg to celebrate Thanksgiving with the McFarlane clan.

Posted by Adam