Sunday, 7 October 2007

Kalahari Waterpark Resort - Part 1

We packed and got out stuff together. Fortunately, it is very warm this Thanksgiving weekend - all sorts of records are being broken. That meant that we could pack lightly, i.e. one suitcase for all of us.

Stopped at the TD to get some American money and it took me a few minutes to grasp the receipt that the ATM printed out. US$ 120.00. CDN$119.38. Wow. I just paid less for American money. Amazing. Not a bad way to start the trip.

Not much of a delay at the Ambassador Bridge - about 5 minutes or so. Had to take a different detour to get to I-75 - the area around the Ambassador Bridge on the Detroit side is one big construction zone. In 2009, I-75 will be directly linked to the bridge - no more side streets and traffic lights.

We stopped at the Denny's in Monroe for breakfast. It was a bit slow - the place was packed. But it was hot when we got it. Next we stopped at Meijers in Toledo to buy some munchies. About 40 minutes later we arrived at the resort. The place was huge - and busy. Tina went in to figure out what to do and she came out with our wristbands. I parked the van and walked back across the bridge. We then headed into the waterpark.

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